Let's be friends!

I'm serious...


Every single one of my clients, past and future, I genuinely care about and want to get to know!  I don't just want to talk about the budget for your event, I want to know your dog's names and your proposal story.  I want to know about the wedding that the 5-year old you dreamed of,  what your passions are, and how you like your coffee.

And by the end of our time working together, I don't want to just be another event "vendor"...that's boring!!

I want to be your "friendor."

...did I just make that up?  I think I just made that word up!


Taylor Paige, Your New Best Friendor


9  Fun  Facts


1. In 2018, I married my smokin' hot bearded husband on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland - talk about a dream!!

2. I'm OBSESSED with my dogs - but who isn't?! We have a one-eyed mini Yorkie named Preslee and a Great Dane named Guinness.  The best of both worlds!

3. I STRONGLY believe an outfit isn't complete without one of these three things: pink, cheetah print, or a big bun. 

4.  I'm an Enneagram 3w2 - I live and die by this role in every aspect of my life! Always pushing for more and for better while taking care of others along the way.  You'll see this as we work together!

5. I've won every costume contest I've ever entered in...and of course, my pups have too! 

6. I pull out my wedding dress every anniversary for a styled photoshoot with my husband!

7. I know every word to every T. Swift, Avril, and Kesha song ever.  LIKE EVER.

8.  I have a BS in Mathematics and also a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma...superrr boring, right?!  Google it if you must...but trust me, if you need an expert problem solver, I'm the one you want on your team!

9. I think I'm the funniest person in the world.  My husband thinks otherwise.