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TPT's 1st Annual
Our Favorite Things Party



TPT's 1st Annual
Our Favorite Things Party



I am so excited to celebrate this season with my favorite clients & vendors (AKA YOU!)!

Thursday, December 9th
6:00pm - 9:00pm

Gift Exchange starts at 7:30pm!

7801 N Amoret Avenue
Kansas City, MO  64151

RSVP by December 1st

What To Bring


Food & Attire

Pretend you're Oprah and bring 3 of your favorite $10 thing! (Yes, 3 of the exact same item!) 

Examples: your favorite candle, lotion,
kitchen gadget, coffee mug, candies, wine...
Get as creative as you'd like!

During the gift giving process, you will present your Favorite Thing (and tell us why it's your fave!), and then give it to 3 guests at random draw.  Which means, you'll be going home with 3 Favorite Things from other guests in return!

Bring your favorite appetizer or dessert!  The item voted favorite item will win a prize, so bring your best!

*The only stipulation is that there are no peanuts in dishes as I am highly allergic.  Any other nuts or butters allowed, just no peanuts!*

Drinks will be provided.

Wear what you're comfortable in! Taylor Paige will be wearing some form of sequins (shocker!).

RSVP Here!